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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stoner fun 101

Looks like he's getting raped right? Ahhh Transformers... I love you.

So I'm looking for someone that I don't know to smoke with over webcam.
All ages and sexes welcome, I'm just high and want to make new friends ^_^
add me:


  1. I don't get stoned over the net. I get stoned with friends. Well, I guess it's easier for me cuz I live in the Netherlands >:)

  2. I get high with friends too. I did it once over the net and it was wicked. He showed me his campus and stuff.

  3. I might have to hit you up with that sometime, not soon though cause no funds at the moment...silly college budget and pay checks taking too long..

  4. HAHAHAHAH thats cool bro dont like to get stoned but this post the honesty in it i like it