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Saturday, 26 March 2011

"I'm so baked right now and my head feel like a light bulb again"

Drinking Mario Kart is the game of the day.
Lost the game, sorry kids.

The rules of drinking Mario Kart range from a beginners level to a broad and complex rules list, it's all depending on your kart skill and the desired level of intoxication.

Beginners rules: 
After every race you drink your position. 1st position must say "Victory swig" as they cross the finish line. If a player has not declared victory as they cross the finishing line or before another player says "challenged" they will receive a 3 sip fine. The player who has finished the race last must declare "Loser swig" as the cross the finishing line.

The positions are as follows:
1st: Victory Swig 
2nd: 2 sips
3rd: 3 sips
This rule carries on until you get to
12: Loser swig

A  Loser swig is the exact volume of a Victory swig except..well... you're a loser.

If a computer player wins any race it's a 1 swig fine for every player.

If you lose the first race you receive a 3 swig fine

On the final trophy ceremony you drink your final placing.

By the end of 5 races you may look like this:

Looking like douche with a shit eating grin on your face.
This is when it's fun to add extra rules


At the end of every race you a swig for every blue shell that hit you.

Dootsing off the edge rule:

For every time you have to get placed back on the track, that's a swig. 
Rainbow Road is great for that... great for fucking you up.

When we're really drunk we end up making crazy one as we go along too. But these are the ones we usually stick to. 

If you have any rule ideas let me know, I'm always looking for more ^_^


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